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Don't take a vacation from good driving habits!
sun So school is out, and summer vacation is here!  It's time for sleeping in, relaxing on the beach, summer jobs, family vacations, and other great things that only happen during the months of June, July, and August.  Teens may be able to take a break, but safe driving should never take a summer vacation!  The summer months are the deadliest time for teens on the road; these are the months when teens need YOUR influence as a parent the most!  Check out this month's issue of the Under YOUR Influence newsletter for some great tips and information about teen seat belt use.

Seat Belts Save
seat belt
The Under YOUR Influence Web site has a great section focused solely on seat belt use:  Seat Belts Save! 

This section is your "one-stop shop" for all information related to seat belt use.  Check it out for great links, seat belt facts, and an interactive map that lists the seat belt laws for each individual state. 

To check out the Seat Belts Save section of Under YOUR Influence, click here.

Why is wearing a seat belt important?

Sixty-two percent of the 5,135 young people 16 to 20 killed when riding in passenger vehicles in 2004 were not wearing seat belts.

In 2004, 58 percent of the 3,160 drivers in the 16- to 20-year-old age group who were killed in passenger vehicle crashes were not wearing seat belts.

It's a fact - seat belts save lives! 
Wearing a seat belt is a simple click that can make all of the difference.

It has been shown that parents also make a difference in a teen's decision-making about whether or not to wear a seat belt. Among people 16 to 24, 69 percent either strongly (51%) or somewhat (18%) agreed with the statement, "I have a habit of wearing a seat belt because my parents insisted I wear them when I was a child."

Parents, your teen needs you! 
Buckling up is not a choice. 
It's a requirement for getting behind the wheel. 

Make sure your teen is Under YOUR Influence
when it comes to seat belt use!

Starting the Seat Belt Conversation
conversation Starting a conversation with your teen about wearing a seat belt can be a hard thing to do.  Under YOUR Influence has provided a great resource titled "Starting the Conversation"! 

At this section of the Web site, you can find some great ideas for starting a chat with your teen about wearing a seat belt. 

Here are a few sample topics:

-Go over the seat belt statistics.  What surprises your teen?  Can they relate to any of the stats?
-What's the point of wearing a seat belt?
-Do their friends wear them?  Why or why not?

It's so important that you talk about these kinds of important questions with your teen. 

Check out more topics for parent/teen safe driving conversations by clicking here.

Great Seat Belt Links

We've put together some great links on the Under YOUR Influence Web site related to teen seat belt use.  Check out the NHTSA link, which offers posters, earned media materials, tips for parents, and more! 

Many other helpful links are also provided at the Under YOUR Influence Web site
Click here to check them out!

To learn more about seat belt laws in your state, check out the interactive seat belt map, found at Under YOUR Influence

To see the map, click here.

Click It -or- Ticket
click it or ticketThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Click It or Ticket initiative is the most successful seat belt enforcement campaign ever, helping to create the highest national seat belt usage rate of 83 percent. Coast to coast, day or night, the message is simple - Click It or Ticket.

Every year during holiday periods such as the Fourth of July, law enforcement agencies join forces for an enforcement blitz.  It's important to wear a seat belt every time you get into a vehicle, especially if you are a teen just learning how to drive. 

Parents, wearing a seat belt is not negotiable.  Make sure that you and your teen wear your seat belts every time you're on the road.

To learn more about the NHTSA program and get some helpful resources, click here.

Drive by the Rules. 
Keep the Privilege.

Under YOUR Influence is filled with many helpful resources!

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  • Tips for Parents on Setting House Rules
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