Leadership Summit
     Twenty Akron students recently participated in a two-day summit aimed at teaching and practicing leadership skills.  Activities focused on teambuilding helped students determine what type of leadership styles can best motivate their peers. 
     The Thursday evening Tower Challenge and Egg Drop Challenge divided students into teams competing for the best results while working to compare and contrast the methods employed by various students to win these challenges. 
     On Friday, key-note speaker Jeremey Daumen discussed using leadership skills to be successful in high school, college and careers.  Daumen says, "Personality, passion and persuasiveness are the key components to being your best."  After a brief demonstration of how to catch a cherry tomato in your mouth from across the room, Daumen said, "It doesn't matter what you are good at, just capitalize on it."  Daumen is currently chasing the Guiness World Record. 
     Akron students wrapped up the Leadership summit with a final Cullinary Challenge using fruits and vegetables donated by Pixley's Shurfine. Their efforts were judged by Millenium Hotel Food Services staff. 
     Thanks to Jake Stone and Meghan Grant who acted as student facilitators and to the PTA for providing this opportunity to certify Akron students.
Pictured l-r, Joey Sarow, Ryan Buckley, Claire Johnson, Claudia Stone, Jeremy Daumen, Kelsie Murty, Katherine Kelkenberg and Jennifer Komosinski