Middle School Daily Announcements

Friday, April 28, 2017

Good morning

Our Special Day is an “E.”


Cancellations/Changes:  None


Our lunch for today is:  Popcorn chicken with dipping sauce.


We would like to wish a Happy Birthday to the following students:

·         Ella Hill

·         Cierra Ninham

·         Ethan Rosenberg

·         Stella VanWyk

·         Elizabeth Winter


Our Announcements for today are:

  1. Book of the Week is Projekt 1065. Infiltrate. Befriend. Sabotage. World War II is raging. Michael O'Shaunessey, originally from Ireland, now lives in Nazi Germany with his parents. Like the other boys in his school, Michael is a member of the Hitler Youth. But Michael has a secret. He and his parents are spies. Michael despises everything the Nazis stand for. But he joins in the Hitler Youth's horrific games and book burnings, playing the part so he can gain insider knowledge. When Michael learns about Projekt 1065, a secret Nazi war mission, things get even more complicated. He must prove his loyalty to the Hitler Youth at all costs - even if it means risking everything he cares about. Including... his own life.

  2. Akron JV softball got back on track last night with a convincing 18 to 3 victory over the Barker Raiders. Madison Magill led the Tigers with 2 homeruns, while Janelle Kiefer got the win on the mound throwing a complete game. Great job ladies.

  3. Did you know:  “History itself possesses interest for us more as the unfolding of certain moral and mental developments than as the mere enumeration of facts?” Historical fiction offers an “analysis of recognizable human character within a specific set of circumstances,” such that we can “re-experience the social and human motives which led people to think, feel and act as they did in historical reality.” Historical fiction develops an “awareness that the events of history have an impact on the contemporary.” Historical fiction gives “the reader insight into the mind of a member of a past society” and therefore induces empathy and a “live connection between then and now.” The historical novel allows us “to contemplate social change.” We see change in hindsight, “which then allows the individual to reflect upon their contemporary circumstance.” Similarly, historical fiction can trace the “path of religious and political change.” “One of the major elements of the historical novel has been as an expression of national character and self-definition.” It allows us to explore the ways “nations, and therefore national identity, are constructed.” "Historical fiction can “report from places made marginal [by history] and present a dissident or dissenting account of the past.” Historical fiction allows us to “understand the extremes of human behavior.” The novel can explore “various ways of facing, understanding and living with the horrific events in the past.” Historical fiction helps us retain the past. Noble purposes indeed. Something to think about the next time you enjoy historical fiction.

  4. The first annual Musical Banquet for all cast members will be Friday, May 5th, from 2:40-3:30pm in the Chorus Room.  Wear your Anything Goes t shirt and be with all your musical buddies to celebrate a wonderful show this year!  Please sign up outside of the Chorus Room if you plan to attend.

  5. Congratulations to the varsity softball team for another victory, this time winning against Barker 6-4.

  6. Congratulations to the modified lacrosse team.  On Wednesday, they earned their first victory of the season beating Sweethome 8 - 7.  Leading the team on offense was Joey Abrams with 3 goals and 2 assists, Jessee DiRienzo 3 goals, Ryan Cebulski 1 goal, and Kelvin Jonathan 2 assists. Defensively, Dakota Socha lead the team in goal with 17 saves.  Also putting in a strong defensive performance was Shane David, James Sears, and Aiden Wild.  Aiden Wild even earned one assist playing defense.  The team will play Grand Island today at 5:00.  The bus leaves at 3:30.  Please meet in the locker-room after 9th period.