Capital Project Update:  7/25/16
  • Phase II Asbestos Abatement is complete in crawl space and approximately 65% complete in toilet rooms
  • Demolition work in the offices, cafeteria and toilet rooms has commenced and is progressing well
  • Football field under-drain has been installed, the retaining wall is in place and preparation to install the track trench drain is underway

Capital Project Update:  8/25/15

  • All roofing is due to be finished by August 28th. Finishing trim work will be completed the following week.
  • Bus garage masonary repair and painting is complete.
  • Terazzo Floor patches are in place and will be ground and polished beginning Thursday 8/27 and completed the following week.
  • Elementary flooring should be completed by 8/29. Wax coatings will be completed during the evenings during the week of 8/31.
  • One tree has been removed near the primary playground. Temporary stairs from the primary rooms to the playground area will be in place by 9/2 (for emergency egress only).
  • All interior and playground work beginning 8/31 will be conducted during the late afternoon and evening.

Capital project Update: 7/28/15

Elementary School:

Asbestos abatement is complete on the first floor and has begun on the second floor.

The surface around the outside of the playground near the primary area of the building has been removed.


Middle School:

Areas with cracks in the Terazzo flooring have been removed and new Terazzo flooring will be installed in the areas beginning this week.


High School:

Asbestos has been abated from the enclosed walkway (bridge). The bridge windows have been removed along with portions of interior and exterior walls.

Exterior masonry restoration and repair will begin this week.

Roofing replacement will begin the week of 8/3.
Bus Garage:

Masonry repair and painting are in progress.