Lily and Ava

For the fourth time in as many years, Akron won one of the top honors at the WNY Invention Convention.  
           Third graders Ava and Lilly won the People’s Choice Award for their Multi-Function Walking Stick.  The People’s Choice Award goes to the “coolest” invention of the event as selected by voting of the students at the event.
            Dylan Scotch won 2nd place in the Home and Garden category for his Cat Cozy.  James O’Brien won the T-shirt design contest.  His design was featured on all the T-Shirts given to all the student competitors. 
            Creative challenges and activities were also offered at the event. 
            Akron has won Young Inventor of the Year three times in the past, once for the New Invention category and twice for the Re-Use category, along with other place winners.  The Young Inventor Award goes to the top invention overall as determined by the judges.  The judges include local engineers, researchers, and entrepreneurs.  The program encourages students to think of creative solutions to everyday problems.  The "New" category features inventions in many categories including health, sports, school, ecological, transportation and others.  The "Re-Use" category asks students to create a new item that could be produced and sold by Good Will Industries, from items that are typically available in their stores.  Students produce a model of their invention and provide a brief explanation of it to the judges.  Normally over 150 students from more than 15 schools participate in the regional competition after winning their school competitions.  
            The Akron PTA sponsored the event, paying the entry fee for all Akron students.  The PTA invites all students in Grades 1-8 to enter the creative competition next year in Akron.  For more information and pictures of the event see the website:
            We would like to thank everyone who is a member of the Akron PTA - you make events and sponsorships like this possible!