Jeopardy Template

James Madison University created a template for making a Jeopardy style review game using PowerPoint that can be used for free Click on the Jeopardy name and save to disk to modify and insert questions.

Game Show templates

This PowerPoint template site has directions and templates for making Jeopardy, Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Hollywood Squares game.  There are also some examples of the different games.

Game Show Templates

There are several review games on this site for PowerPoint.  There is a Jeopardy, Who Want's to be a Millionaire, a variation of Hollywood Squares, Weakest Link and Guess the Word.

Designs and Themes for PowerPoint

This student and educator page is loaded with designs and themes for PowerPoint.

36 Themes for PowerPoint

This is a free downloadable zip file with 36 different themes for PowerPoint.  You will need a program like winzip to open this file.