Original 1970's 

Earth Science Syllabus

Content Areas (Curricular Material)
Area 1 - Process of Change (I-II)
Area 2 - Earth Model (III-IV)
Area 3 - Earth's Energy Budget (V- VIII)
Area 4 - Rock Cycle (IX-XII)
Area 5 - History of the Earth (XIII-XIV)
Topics (Activities)
Topic I - Observation & Measurement
Topic II - Changing Environment
Topic III - Measuring the Earth
Topic IV - Earth Motions
Topic V - Energy in Earth Processes
Topic VI - Insolation and the Earth's Surface
Topic VII- Exchanges in the Atmosphere
Topic VIII - Moisture and Energy Budgets and Environmental Change
Topic IX - Erosional Process
Topic X - Depositional Process
Topic XI - Formation of Rocks
Topic XII - Dynamic Crust
Topic XIII -Interpreting Geologic History
Topic XIV - Landscape Development and Environmental Change